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UK people are struggling hard due to their in-affordability to meet their water, electricity and other bills, increasing prices of the consumer goods and services and the severe effects of their existing debts.

Around 90% of the low income level people in UK are facing the debt problems and due to those debts their financial status is declining day by day with faster pace.

Their health also seems affected a lot with the financial pressure they are facing. Even, the percentage of people making their way to doctor due to anxiety and mental distress etc are rising to a big number due to the severe effects of debt problems.

However, experts are suggesting individuals to take help of personal loans, no matters secured or unsecured loans whatever suit them to defend their financial stability.

Tenant loans, car loans and other smaller cash loans are also some of the supporting financial products for them during financial troubles. However, they are also advising them to borrow any external personal finance only when they are sure of its timely repayment.


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Friends, I have discussed you about whether bankruptcy really helps individuals. The topic still continues in this post as well considering the critical effects of bankruptcy over the financial conditions of a person.

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No one can deny that bankruptcy really matters a lot for a person, as it depicts that he is totally incapable of being engaged in any financial deal and paying for his debts by his own.

Bankruptcy though attracts individuals to generate additional finances through payday loans, as they do not require them to face several troubling loan formalities while borrowing the funds. However, it closes all the doors for you to generate any long-term finance, where bankrupts are treated as incompetent to borrow any type of finances.

Bankrupts can only borrow personal loans including cash loans, car loans, tenant loans and other unsecured loans. However, borrowing a personal finance for the long term would be very difficult for them being struggling with bankruptcy.

What will you do when you got the stamped with bankruptcy and at the same time, needed funds for buying a house, raising the education of your children with education loans or starting a new business etc?

Definitely, your bankruptcy matters here. So, think about it and do the favour for your absolute financial stability.

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Most of my readers, friends and colleagues ask me about whether it would be good to opt for bankruptcy when you financial situations are extremely troubling and no other way seems to let you out of your financial troubles.

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What could I say is just to analyse the situations first. See, some debt strugglers are not genuine as well. I can say this considering the fact that sometimes, when people do not wish to pay for their debts and try to utilise the money that must be repaid to their creditors; this could harm them financially.

Personal loans prove really helpful when you are struggling with genuine financial deficiencies; no matter whether you are borrowing secured or unsecured loans, it depend upon your requirements and abilities to pay.

Many borrowers like to evade repayments of their loans by declaring them bankrupt or insolvent so that they would not need to repay them and they could enjoy utilising money for their fun and luxuries. The tenant loans, car loans and other loans for buying luxuries also come under it.

At their repayments, they can get exempted by their lender due to their bankruptcy, but the fact of their inability to obtain further financial products in future never leaves them alone. Hence, it would be better if you keep in mind all the aspects of bankruptcies before applying for it. Otherwise, no personal finance would be able to help you.

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Friends, I have stated you about the drawbacks of being emotional with your personal finance. However, I have also suggested you some ways to overcome your emotions for the easy and convenient settlement of your debts and other financial matters.

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Now, I want to precede with the same topic in a slightly different manner i.e. the advantage of being emotionally attached with your financial matters. See, if you really love your financial stability, you will remain attentive towards the timely repayment of your all expenses and debts.

Generally, debts emerge when you either become irresponsible towards your personal finances or the arrival of any uncertain financial situations make you incompetent to deal with them efficiently. It specially happens when you deal with car loans, tenant loans or unsecured loans where interest charges are quite higher. However, your emotions could become helpful for your financial management as when you get scare of falling into debts, you will definitely try to overcome through the possibility of debt emergence.

However, your emotional sickness must not come in between your responsibilities that could lead you towards the debt troubles. Do not become too emotional with your cash loans and avoid borrowing them continuously; otherwise, they could become the reason for the emergence of debts for you.

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Consumers should take affective measures while paying for the goods and services at restaurants, hotels and petrol stations as, the internal cases of fraud are increasing, especially during current recessional scenario.

Using credit or debit cards has not remained a secure means for the consumers to obtain quick finances. At some fraudulent places, may be the chips and PINS terminals comprise of some skimming devices or some close circuit cameras attached to the machines to catch your PIN number while you enter it.

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All this is happening daily with several consumers when they use their credit or debit cards at these places and considering this, most experts suggest people to keep cash with them instead of using this plastic money.

However, many consumers may object the availability of cash all the time with them and thus, they are recommending consumers to borrow small cash loans if they are unable to keep some extra cash with them.

Borrowing a personal finance of smaller term all the time is not good, as it is quite expensive than that of other financial products; however, if you are really struggling with urgent financial requirements, it is better to go for borrowing payday advance and other cash advances, instead of using credit and debit cards.

If talking about, unsecured loans, tenant loans, car loans and other personal loans can also assist you financially when you are unable to afford much time and efforts on loan borrowings. They are safe and secure as well.

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Friends, I am back with some more information about the checking accounts so that those who are not fully aware of them can know them absolutely.

Generally, a checking account is handled by a user to manage his deposits and withdrawals through cheques. The holder of the checking account sends his official cheques through this account including all the essential mailing and routing information. When the account holder fills the cheque with the correct information, the same is treated as cash by the recipient and thus, he follows the transaction.

When this cheque gets deposited by the recipient into his bank account, it gets filled electronically by the banker and finally the cancelled cheque is received by the bank of the cheque writer from there the amount gets debited.

Similar is dealt while borrowing a personal finance on the basis of a checking account. People when dealing with unsecured loans like tenant loans, payday loans, car loans and other cash loans are required to provide the accurate information of their checking account to their lending company and then only their loans get approved.

Generally, it seems quite convenient and secure for the lending companies to lend the personal loans through checking accounts that help them with ease and security while lending funds.

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Friends, many of you all are not fully aware of the use and significance of checking accounts. May be you know, but not fully. So, I am here enclosing some essential facts about checking accounts so that you can enjoy using it for borrowing personal loans, unsecured loans or any type of personal finance.

Financial institutions and banks avail their customers i.e. individuals and businesses with the service of deposits and withdrawal of money from an account that is protected by the federal government. Every financial institution may have a different term of checking account. However, a user of a checking account can utilize his account for cashing and depositing their personal cheques instead of using cash for the payment of their debts. Suppose, if they need to borrow cash loans, tenant loans, car loans or any other type of unsecured loan products, they can borrow them against providing a post-dated cheque to their lender including the loan repayment amount with the evidence of which, lender transfers the loan amount into their checking account.

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For accessing individual’s account or proceeding with cash withdrawals with the checking accounts, ATMs and debit cards are also allowed to the customers.

People who do not possess any checking account are recommended to have one because it will be feasible for you to maintain your finances, especially you do not have any bank account till now. So, I will be back in my new post afterwards continuing this topic.

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