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Being a parent is no easy task. Especially when it comes to teaching young kids how to behave themselves.One habit that parents can help their young children acquire is saving money. Rather than going out with a plastic bag every time you go to a toy store with your child, teaching young minds to control their urges can be a good thing. After all, children imitate their parents in various ways, and can acquire new habits easily.
Simply by showing them that you, the adult, are saving cash, will help them acquire a saving routine.
By explaining that we are all managing a budget as part of the daily routine, you demonstrate the importance of saving to the kids. Keep in mind that children never worked for a living before, meaning that the importance of controlling one’s costs and why saving is important should be explained to them.

If your kids are older, try using a calculator to show how much cash they can save towards purchasing a new laptop computer or even a car.
The reward method can also help teaching your kids some personal finance. While leading by example is a great start, but motivating them to continue to save is essential. Try matching a saving amount, or taking them out to a restaurant of their choice to reward them for saving and setting new targets.
Show your child that they can afford whatever they want as long as they can pay for it. It will help motivate them to work hard, save money and do so as a life long habit. It will contribute to their financial freedom in the long term.


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Recent research in Great Britain shows that cash flow worries are on top of the worry list for British parents with undergraduate children. According to a research conducted by the UK’s consumer financial education body, the expensive university fees are the reason for parents’ concerns. Not only does the cost of tuition take its toll, but living outside the family home takes its toll on British family incomes. A payday loan can contribute to your monthly cash flow needs, especially if you are a parent of an undergraduate student.

The study revealed that a quarter of a million parents confess to being constantly worried about family finances. More than 30% are very worried they will not be able to afford their children’s university fees. Having to mange a whole new budget is something both British parents and their children, now living nearby the university, have to learn from scratch.
Parents need to teach their children how to avoid overspending money and control their budget. Tony Hobman, a chief executive at consumer financial education, believes that parents take on a major roll in guiding their children towards financial independence. By encouragement and persistence adults can set an example of what to be aware of and when to cut costs.
This study shows that freshmen students are not aware of specifics such as that their car insurance must be in the student’s new address as well as their name. Getting to know how the new circumstances affect the family finances is essential.
Quick Payday Loans
If you have a hard time providing for children with university fees, conveniently go online for a credible payday loan. This cost effective and quick loan can serve as a solution to your short-term money needs. A quick payday loan is typically between 80-750 pounds per loan. The cash goes directly to your bank account within one day after filling a brief online application.

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Payday loans are a very competitive type of loans.
The reason for this, according to latest research in Britain by money supermarket dot com, is not surprising. More people turn nowadays to short term financial solutions. In fact, if you need to apply for a convenient and small payday loan, it will cost you far less than other small money loans. If your loan is under 4500 pounds, the small loan options in 2010 costs 130% more than in 2006, according to money supermarket company research. This is a major reason to payday loans being a competitive market. We all know that competition is good for the consumers, since it lowers prices when applying for the loan of your choice. As banks tend to refuse any unsecured loans, Britons need to get the payday loans to sort out personal finance. Finding a personal loan from your bank is harder to do since the latest recession. The solution to your financial emergencies is on the web. For instance, if you went on holiday in Easter, than payday loans will help cover any unexpected bills or spending on your credit card. Rather than seeing red in your bank account, applying for a payday loan can ease your financial stress and make finances more simple for this holiday period. An added value to keep in mind: no credit history check.
Finding the loan does not have tobe a hard task. Simply google he keywords: ‘same day pay day loan’, or ‘payday’, and read more about the type of payday loan you seek.

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Be Recession ProofThe recent downturn of the economy is spreading its serious effects on the every financial sector. The prices of the consumer goods and services are reaching at the peak, interest on bank loans is rising and salaries and wages of people are deteriorating regularly on the stake of their job security.

All these are troubling, as no body has contributed for the emergence of this recession and if he still has to suffer, he loses all his patience to manage his money perfectly. Thus, the improper use of money gives rise to the requirements of secured or unsecured loans. However, if you fail to make timely repayment of your loan then, the emergence of debt problems is sure and these debts problems sometimes, led them to move towards IVA, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Payday Advance

However, the low spending on consumer goods and services is expected to be a significant solution in this regard. If you try to limit your spending, then you will be able to make some amount of savings. If you save some amounts, then you will not need to borrow any type of personal finance to meet your expenses.

People, generally, move to payday loans and other unsecured personal loans to meet their urgent financial requirements and tenant loans and car loans to pay their rent and car purchase bills when they remain short of cash and need to pay these bills immediately. Obtaining these loans can be a favourable step when you immediately need financial assistance to meet your urgent expenses, but these loans and other options of finances require lots of care along with timely repayment. Thus, one should try to make savings a habit to eradicate unnecessary financial troubles and to remain away from borrowing any type of personal finance.

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The entire UK is now under the arms of cool winds and continuous snowfall, obviously, the household budget will also continue to grow due to the purchasing woollens, additional tea and coffee packs to enjoy cool weather and lots of electricity utilization to make water hot and for other stuffs.

It is true that winters escalate our budget and several times we fail to maintain it well and thus, look towards unsecured loans, short-term cash loans or any other personal finance like same day loans to get through your next payday. Here, I want to say that if we try, we can maintain our budget to eradicate chaos in our monthly budget. We just have to control our excessive buying habit. It will not only be helpful for us during winters, but also in several other times. Buy only those items which you really need and avoid unnecessary shopping, otherwise it would harm your priory set budget. It would be useless if you buy numerous clothes, which you can wear in occasions only and which are of no use in your daily life. Buying many winter wears than your need is also not good, so avoid this too. Being with the fashion is good, but with the frequently changing attitude of fashion try to buy only those clothes, which are forever i.e. wearable in occasions as well as daily. This way, you can save your money from being spent on unnecessary clothing related expenses.

Payday loans
This tip should also be applied for buying other appliances. Always try to avoid buying appliances, which are not sound environmentally as well as economically because they are capable enough to injure your monthly budget. Better, if you look at various products at the stores and search for the best deal. Try to negotiate for the rates if possible. This will help you remain away from borrowing any type of finance whether they are personal loans, car loans or tenant loans.


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A Financial Advisor with his “Perfect Saving Techniques” is again with you all with some more money saving tips. I know-I know, you guys were waiting for me to get some more tips to encourage your savings, but first I want to discuss an important thing with you all about my best friend Joe.

Joe was an Education Consultant in London and was living a joyous life with his family, however now he is in immense debts, and in jail for 10 years, also his job is no more with him.

Only a single mistake made him to suffer from a long-lasting trouble and that mistake was the excessive use of credit cards. I can remember when it was a Christmas vacation and both of our families together went for shopping. I mostly avoid using credit cards for shopping; instead I prefer debit cards for making various payments. This is because I am very conscious of debts problems and thus, avoid borrowing cash loans or any type of personal finance too (except emergencies), as I do not feel it nice to take loans for shopping.

However, Joe was so excited to do a great deal of shopping with the use of his two new credit cards, even he also had an existing credit card that he has already been used till its maximum limit. I don’t know how fool he was who used all of his credit cards to their maximum limit and failed to manage his debts.

Due to growing routine expenses, he failed to make payments to the credit card companies and thus, many penalties and charges got accumulated to his debts. Apart from these debts, his tenant loans and car loans, which were due to be paid, remain unpaid and all of his property got seized by police and he got sentenced for 10 years being accused of a big fraud. His entire family got split and he fell into a deep sea of debts that could hardly be crossed ever by him.

Same Day Loans
Whenever I think about Joe, I always remind that I should never get addicted so much to credit cards. Even I become so frightened to take personal loans or any sort of secured and unsecured loans due to the anticipation of severe debt problems. However, these loans are not actually the reason for the debt problems, but the excess use of them is always devastating. I cannot do anything for him, but by taking him as an example, can make you all aware of debt problems due to excessive use of credit cards. We can take a lesson from this story that we should use our credit cards in a controlled way so that we can manage our money well and of course, will be able to save most, instead of running though huge debts.


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Hi friends, I am back again with some more good tips and advices for you to save your money perfectly. I think, now you have become more conscious about managing your expenses and saving your money. It is a good sign for your debt-less and pleasant future. So, be ready with some more advice related to money saving.

Always try to find a best insurance deal for you. You know best what you want for you and your family. So, rather than relying on an insurance agent, search for the best insurance deal by your own. You can directly contact the insurance company or search on the Internet for further information.

Same tactic should be applied in the case of taking personal loans or other type of personal finance. People from insurance and other financial companies get certain sort of commission to convert more and more people into the customers of the company. Therefore, to get more amount of commission, they mislead people and get their money engaged in unwanted deals. Instead of feeling regret at the end, take care from the beginning. Hence, it is advised that for taking tenant loans, car loans, cash loans or any type of secured and unsecured loans, directly contact to the lending companies, rather than getting trapped into the web of deceitful tricks of loan and insurance agents.

People often make mistakes by withdrawing their cash-value of Life Insurance Policy before 15 years. It is advised that always opt that insurance policy, which ensures a maturity period of more than 15 years. This can be referred as an ideal time period to get most benefits of a Life Insurance Policy.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans

LIP with a maturity period from 5 to 10 years will let you in trouble with numerous renewal processes and also it would become expensive for you to renew it again and again. However, if you take an LIP for 20 to 25 years, it will take a long time for maturity. It might happen that you take taken a long-tem LIP at the age of 35 to 40. Your policy will get matured when you will be of 60 to 70, which is the age after retirement when you might not having any regular source of income so that you can pay your policy premiums till its maturity. Moreover, if you make defaults in premium payments, you will incur penalties. So, better be loyal and conscious about proper payments of your insurance premiums and personal loans. This will help you in managing and controlling your money well, secure your future and allow you to save sufficiently and perfectly.

So, wait for my new article for further savings related advices and good luck with your money management.



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