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Families in Great Britain are still struggling with finances as a result of the latest recession. Since the end of 2008, when the global financial crisis hit family finances, until June 2010 more families in Britain are having arguments and suffer from stress.
Home is where the heart is, as the saying goes. When our home suffers emotional stress, the effect of the recession is more worrying than ever.
Research by the Yorkshire bank reveals that over 2 million families in the UK state they feel serious strain and stress on a day to day basis. Also, over a million of UK families have frequent arguments resulting from pressure to pay bills and family cash flow concerns.

The bank research shows that over a third of a million families have their grown up children return to the nest of their parents home.
Leaning on the parents for financial support is increasing in “popularity”, with the obvious reason being money saving.
Moreover, 513,000 British families have mature children stay at home more than one would expect. The number one cause according to the study is the recession.
To quote Professor Durkin at the Psychological studies department at Strathclyde University, the British families suffer a great deal from the financial stress. What happens is that parents and mature children become depressed, irritable and even drift apart.
The parental care becomes rather worrying. The more agitated a parent is, the less they take good care of their grown up kids.
Children might notice their parents anxiety over financial concerns.
Studies reveal that adolescents in homes where money is tight are more at risk of psychological problems.
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